the cookbook phenomenon changing budget eating

the cookbook phenomenon changing budget eating

Leanne Brown thought small at first when writing her cookbook “Good and Cheap.” An avid cook, she wanted the free downloadable collection of recipes, tips and techniques a thesis project for her master’s degree in food studies to help people on super tight budgets eat great meals at home. Targeting people on food stamp budgets around $4 per day, “I thought it would be a little project that would be useful to a few people,” she said.

Instead, it went viral. Brown’s crowdsourced campaign to donate printed copies of the book to people in need became the most funded cookbook in Kickstarter history. The book received a prestigious International Association of Culinary Professionals award, and printed copies are now being distributed by Workman Publishing, which donates a copy for each one that’s purchased. It hit The New York Times best seller list last month. Free or heavily discounted copies are available at nearly 800 food banks and other nonprofits in 49 states (Wyoming is the only one missing) and in Canada. receive monthly Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program benefits. 9. Wednesday, Sept.

I’ve always been attracted to issues of justice In graduate school, we were having these big conversations about huge issues, sticky difficult problems, and so often at the end of it you find yourself saying “We don’t have the solution that will fix everything, so what are we going to do?” Knowing what I know about cooking, I felt there was a little bit of hope and a little bit of help in trying to share some foods that actually can be had for very little. One amazing thing about living in America is, unless you live in a particularly food poor place, a place without grocery stores, the availability of food is pretty amazing and food is incredibly cheap It’s the cooking that adds the value.

How did the cookbook turn into something more than an online download?

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I came home from work one day and I had 10 zillion emails, all from my website. At this point I was pretty sure my dad had been to my website 20 times, but that was it. I got super nervous. It turned out someone had posted it on Reddit. I had this panicked moment of, “Is this some super conservative blog, are people angry?” but it turned out it was all these people saying how helpful it was for them. People were having this incredible conversation online, writing to me saying how useful this was, how helpful it was to a lot of them personally, and sharing stories about growing up with a single parent or grandparent to take care of them, and remembering how their family struggled, but they got by because someone knew how to cook. For me cooking and food has a natural language. I want recipes that teach you why you’re doing the thing you’re doing, so at the end of it you know how to make a quiche, you’re not just following the recipe and at the end of it you’ve made “Leanne Brown’s quiche.” That’s empowering. You can go to the grocery store and say, that’s on sale, I’ll swap that ingredient out you can make things out of what you have around.

How can people on such a tight budget find the time to cook nutritious meals, especially if they’re facing all the other barriers that come with poverty?

Cooking from scratch has this hilarious sort of [reputation] that it means taking a lot of time. It really just means cooking cheap jerseys from basic ingredients, and often that’s as simple as chopping up some broccoli and mincing it with a little garlic and tossing it in a pan with butter and putting it on toast. That takes 10 minutes. You still made that from scratch, man, it’s great.

What are some of the most rewarding results you’ve seen from the project?

Brenda is this wonderful woman I met, she wrote to me during the Kickstarter last summer. She’s a grandmother, a full care provider for her two daughters she’s adopted these very young children, they’re 8 and 10. It was really tough to get through the month, and they’d find themselves going to the food pantry at the end of the month. She’d become concerned. The pantry turned out to be a lot of processed foods, sugary foods. It wasn’t the kind of things she wanted to feed to her growing children, but she didn’t have any choice. She had just started to plant a garden.

[Recently] she gave me an update on the girls and everything going on then at the end she just casually mentioned this incredible thing. She said, “We haven’t had to go to the food pantry in months now, we’re doing really well. We’re eating more beans and less meat, and I’m more satisfied with nutrient dense food,” and then she was like, “And I’ve also lost 40 pounds and I’m off my cholesterol medication and my diabetes medicine and we’re all doing wonderfully.” I just cried for like 20 minutes.

Do you have a personal favorite recipe from the cookbook, or is there one that has resonated the most with users?

I eat stuff from the book all the time. I eat the kale salad every week, I eat tomato scrambled eggs constantly. The chana masala recipe is one of my old favorites, and one that so many of my friends have said is their comfort food. The peanut butter and jelly bars are something I hear talked about all the time, which is really cool. I came up with them thinking, “I certainly don’t want anyone to have to go to a food pantry, but it’s reality for a lot of folks, it’s still going to happen, and every food pantry has peanut butter and jelly and oats. Most of the time people are going to make peanut butter sandwiches and have oatmeal, but people get sick of those things. How can we remake this? There’s something about making a very, very simple recipe that people use a lot that’s the ultimate in satisfaction. What an honor that something I made is part of people’s life on a regular basis.

The controversial visa program at the center of the Kushners’ China pitch

The controversial visa program at the center of the Kushners’ China pitch

citizenship. Ethics watchdogs saw a conflict of interest. The speaker was Nicole Kushner Meyer, sister of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son in law and a top White House adviser. She appeared to be leveraging family ties to cheap jerseys the White House to enrich the family business.

The pitch, at an investment conference in Beijing last weekend, also cast a spotlight on a murky visa program that has become a target for reform.

It’s called the EB 5 visa. It grants immigrants a path to a green card if they invest more than $500,000 in a project that creates jobs in the United States.

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The EB 5 has been around more than 20 years. But it became more popular during the Great Recession, particularly in real estate, because developers whose traditional funding had dried up could turn to EB 5 to finance projects.

Critics see a host of problems: Too much of the money goes to wealthy urban areas. Companies aren’t required to disclose much about how they spend the money, which leads to abuse and fraud. Some lawmakers say the program effectively sells citizenship to wealthy immigrants.

“They get cheap money for their projects and the public has no clue whether it’s generating economic benefits for America,” said Michael Gibson, the managing director of an organization that conducts risk analysis and due diligence on EB 5 projects for foreign investors.

To qualify for a green card, the program requires an investor to pump at least $1 million into a project that creates 10 or more jobs. The threshold drops to $500,000 if the development is in a rural area or an urban area with high unemployment.

But overseas investors tend to look for safe projects, familiar companies and big cities, said Gary Friedland, a scholar in residence at New York University’s Stern School of Business who has studied the program.

“There was originally intended to be a distinction between these underserved areas and other areas,” he said. visas

Nicole Kushner Meyer, the sister of White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, urged wealthy Chinese last weekend to buy stakes in real estate through the EB 5 program.

The decision by Kushner Companies to market their project in China had obvious advantages. For Chinese citizens, who account for most EB 5 visas, the EB 5 program could mean better opportunities for their children, plus a low risk investment.

In Beijing, Kushner Companies was touting a $976 million residential and commercial project in New Jersey called 1 Journal Square. Kushner Companies had planned to use state and city development money to finance the project, but that fell through because it depended on an anchor tenant that backed out. (Jared Kushner says he is not involved in the operation of Kushner Companies and has divested his interests in the Journal Square project.)

The Kushners had previously raised $50 million through EB 5 loans for a luxury apartment complex in New Jersey called Trump Bay Street.

Jared Kushner ran the company at the time and still has a stake in Trump Bay Street. His lawyer Blake Roberts told CNNMoney that Trump Bay has stopped soliciting EB 5 funding, and added that Kushner will recuse himself from “particular matters” involving the program.

Kushner Companies didn’t immediately answer a question from CNNMoney about how many jobs were created by the Trump Bay Street project.

The EB 5 program also isn’t very transparent. The government doesn’t monitor how money is used until the investor is close to getting a green card, said Friedland, the NYU scholar.

Friedland suggested that reforming the EB 5 program could include a requirement that developers give regular updates to investors, and having a third party administrator monitor how EB 5 money is used.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, said this week the Kushners’ marketing campaign is the best example of how the EB 5 program has been distorted.

She said EB 5 is “frequently exploited by real estate developers to finance projects in the wealthiest parts of this country. This is a far cry from the program’s original intent to spur economic development in depressed communities.”

Daniel Healy, who runs a firm in Dallas that manages EB 5 investments, noted that the program still carries risk, and visas aren’t guaranteed.

“Every EB 5 investor is required to create at least 10 jobs for American workers,” he said. “No other country in the world sets such a high bar for job creation, and investors don’t always clear it.”

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Reform could come this year. The White House said this week that it wants to ensure the money is “used as intended and that investment is being spread to all areas of the country.”

The Department of Homeland Security has proposed raising the threshold for investment and giving the federal government more control over where the investments can be used. That could steer more investment to economically troubled areas, Friedman said.

The continuing costs of the Iraq war

The continuing costs of the Iraq war

A new report from Brown University examines the real costs of the war cheap jerseys a jarring dose of reality for those who believed the war could be won on the cheap in lives and in treasure.

The Iraq war was intended, as Defense Policy Board chairman Richard Perle told theWashington Post in 2002, to be a “modest effort” to help the Iraqis attain freedom, but the real intentions of the war have been revealed to be more complicated than that.”This was going to be our next stage in exorcising the demons from Vietnam,” BuzzFeed’s Michael Hastings told Matthews onHardball. “People were thinking more Gulf War I than Vietnam, and anyone who brought up at the time, ‘Hey, this could turn out to be Vietnam’ was literally laughed aside and was considered not credible.”

Iraq war veteran Paul Rieckhoff, founder and executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, agreed that there was a disconnect to the realities of war at the time of the invasion. “A million veterans, including myself, served in Iraq and are now home. We all know there was a shortage of planning on the ground in Iraq: they didn have enough interpreters, they didn have enough body armor, they didn have enough Humvees,” Rieckhoff said. “But there a shortage now on the home front as veterans are coming home. There aren enough paperwork processors, there aren enough psychiatrists, there aren enough counselors. So we got an opportunity here to repeat the mistakes of what happened on the ground in Iraq as all these veterans come home. We not doing enough.”

Rieckhoff said the backlog of disability claims in the Department of Veteran Affairs amounts to nearly 900,000 many of which are from Vietnam veterans still waiting for the paperwork to be processed in order to receive disability.”We not taking care of our Vietnam vets, and we not taking care of our Iraq and Afghanistan vets,” he said.

the Confederate flag

the Confederate flag

It s a somber time for America and the national call for to be taken down from the state capitol building in South Carolina has met its moment.

And it s about time, considering all the cheap jerseys lingering effects of in our national history.

As a historian I see the Emanuel AME tragedy as vicious and historically important as the beating death of Emmett Till, the Mississippi murder of Medgar Evers, the Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, the Mississippi civil rights worker murders of Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner, Viola Liuzzo s shooting death, and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

For the majority the American people all across the racial spectrum is a symbol of intolerance that embraces a racist and violent history.

The State of Michigan may not have waving on top of our state capitol building, but the Confederate mindset is pervasive amongst a small certain number of less enlightened Michigan residents, the most visible proponent these days is Kid Rock.

What I don t understand is how and why Kid Rock is so proud to wrap himself up in and shows it off on stage as he has done hundreds of times at his concerts.

He stated previously that it is a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd s Sweet Home Alabama, and doesn t mean any harm or offense to African Americans, but the root of the song lyrics are all about the damaging racist history the was beholden in Alabama during the Jim Crow period:

Well, I heard Mr. (Neil) Young sing about her

Well, I heard ol Neil put her down

Well, I hope Neil Young will remember

A Southern man don t need him around anyhow

Most offensive of Kid Rock s actions is that preceding the Emanuel AME murders, on his website, Kid Rock had a posted a proud picture of himself sitting comfortably with gifts received from fans who went on his most recent winter Chillin the Most cruise, including a liquor flask adorned with , and kept it posted until June 25, 2015. But the question is why did Kid Rock allow it to stay posted for an entire week ollowing the South Carolina murders?

Was this just an oversight by a busy rock star just starting his Cheap Date tour, and if so, why was he posting his pic with and connecting it with the Chevrolet brand anyway? And allowing it to stay posted for a full week after the killings in South Carolina?

And why does Chevrolet continue to sponsor the current Kid Rock Cheap Date tour?

With the nation coming to grips in the aftermath of the Emanuel AME tragedy, Kid Rock s Confederate flag picture and his reference to Chevrolet should never have been. Civil Rights movement. Kid Rock is on record as saying he likes black people and means no offense, but with friends like that who needs enemies?

It s a slap in the face for anyone who fought for civil rights in this country. It s a symbol of hate and bigotry, said Adolph Mongo, longtime Detroit political commentator who led the boycott of the NAACP Lifetime Achievement award given to Kid Rock in 2011.

Mr. Mongo s action received national news attention and apparently he was well ahead of his time in drawing attention to controversy.

Let s not forget what took place almost 52 years prior to the Emanuel AME murders where in Birmingham, Ala. on Sunday, September 15, 1963, the 16th Street Baptist Church was bombed and took the innocent lives of the four African American girls Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Carol Denise McNair.

The historical record shows that the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing marked a turning point in the United States Civil Rights Movement and contributed to support for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

No matter how popular he is, Kid Rock is an ignorant and insensitive man with his professed love for , and having it posted on his website.

Kid Rock also has a long and winding history of finding a certain comfort with in performing with it in front of his legions of followers and concert goers.

The question remains: Will Kid Rock bring out it when at his upcoming ten sell out shows at the DTE Energy Music Theater while it is being underwritten by Chevrolet?

It is incumbent for GM CEO Mary T. Barra and GM Executive Vice President and President for North America Alan Batey to step in, take immediate action, and demand Kid Rock not ever associate with the Chevrolet logo, lest he loses financial sponsorship of his current Cheap Date concert tour.

Palace Sports Entertainment, who manages the DTE concert venue, would also be wise in taking a public and proactive step in demanding Kid Rock not bring his Confederate flag with him when he performs at his upcoming August sell out DTE shows.

Newly appointed vice chairman of Palace Sports Entertainment Arn Tellem, who is widely recognized as one of the most influential and respected sports agents in the world and has negotiated some of the most lucrative and high profile NBA and MLB contracts representing minority players, needs to step up and demand Kid Rock not even think about bringing his Confederate flag onto the outdoor concert venue stage.

Asking Chevrolet and the DTE concert venue to demand Kid Rock not continue to glorify on his national Cheap Date concert tour is morally and ethically proper in America s time of mourning for the nine victims of the Emanuel AME church shooting.

The Complete Guide To

The Complete Guide To

The farthest flung outpost of Western Europe comprises nine volcanic fragments peeking out of the North Atlantic. The Azores offer a wealth of wonders: from some of the oldest “New World” cities on the planet, to rich forests and dazzling lakes.

The islands are scattered across the ocean roughly 1,500km west of mainland Portugal and 4,000km east of New York. They form part of Macaronesia, a geographical region that includes the Canaries, although the Azores are much greener than the Spanish islands.

The name Macaronesia derives from the Greek term for “fortunate isles”, and is singularly appropriate.

The islands divide naturally into three groups: the eastern islands of Sao Miguel (the largest of the nine), and Santa Maria; the central group consisting of Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Jorge, Pico and Faial; and the western islands of Flores and Corvo, the smallest and most remote.

The best vantage point from which to appreciate the individuality of each island is ground level, as you drive, cycle or walk. But even when flying from the Portuguese mainland to the Azores you can find your flight involves traversing one or two other islands en route to your final destination: sitting on the left on the link from, say, Lisbon to Horta on the island of Faial should enable you to see Terceira, Sao Jorge and Pico on the landing approach and will show you just how varied are the members of this fascinating family of islands.

Where human settlement of the archipelago began. Until the 15th century, when Portuguese explorers happened upon an island that they named Santa Maria, and another that became Sao Miguel, the Azores were unpopulated.

Sao Miguel is now the most important island, and most visitors to the Azores make landfall at its main town, Ponta Delgada. By Azorean standards it is a bustling conurbation lacking the calm that is the islands’ most appealing feature, but there are some notable attractions.

The three arches in the main square, Praca Gonzalo Velha Cabral, were part of a gate through the original city walls. In front of the square, a road continues along the harbourfront to the imposing fortress of Sao Bras; behind that is an attractive square, Praca 5 de Outubro, whose highlight is the alluring Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Esperanca. In contrast with the ornate gilding around the altar, its walls are covered with blue and white tiles depicting Biblical scenes. From the square, follow the narrow street that runs parallel with the harbour road, lined with two storey, balconied houses and towers providing look out points.

The main attractions of Sao Miguel lie beyond the town. Its scenic strong point is Sete Cidades a name that translates from the Portuguese as “Seven Cities”, which is curious given it is a volcanic caldera. Unlike most such craters, this one has a village near the bottom, plus a pair of lakes with a legend. The story broadly goes that a beautiful princess fell in love with a shepherd, but they were forbidden by her father from marrying; he did, though, permit them to meet one final time. Her tears ran blue, to form the larger lake; his were green, and created the smaller.

Europe’s only commercial tea plantations are located on the north coast of Sao Miguel; the plants were brought to the island from Brazil in the 18th century.

If white sand is more your cup of tea, head next for the nearby island of Santa Maria. The most southerly of the Azores is the island that has the most conventional beach: Praia do Formosa. Santa Maria also boasts the highest average temperature in the archipelago, and offers the most reliable surfing conditions.

If you choose a clockwise navigation of the islands (by air, not surfboard), a massive 500km loop is required to reach the next in line: Flores. If one were to bestow the Azores with human characteristics, this would be the muscular, silent one. Some claim Flores is the westernmost point in the European Union (a point disputed by various French territories in the Atlantic). It possesses a peak that would narrowly count as a Munro (Morro Alto, 974m). In addition, the occidental island has a jewel of a lagoon: Funda, which looks just the place you would expect to find buried treasure. Add in weird basalt structures, vertiginous cliffs and a sprinkling of waterfalls, and you have an absurd amount of scenery packed into an island the size of Jersey.

Corvo, to the north, looks on the map like a human left ear. The lobe, dangling down to Ponta Negra, contains Vila Nova, the only significant settlement. North from here, a half day hike (happily fitted into a day trip by boat from Flores) can take you to another striking caldera, containing a miniature lakeland speckled with islets. But they provide very different experiences.

The shape of Faial approximates to a human eye, and that the iris is the rim of the caldera in the middle of the island. If by now you are cratered out, the new trick here is the approach: a tunnel through the rim that allows you suddenly to be confronted by a great gash in the u oearth’s crust. The rest of the island may look relatively tranquil in comparison, until you visit the village of Capelinhos or rather what remains of it, following a calamitous volcanic eruption in 1958.

Pico is a masterpiece. It has a shoreline full of character, and an interior that looks forboding even desolate, at least in the upper reaches of the volcano that gives the island its name, and Portugal its highest mountain (Ponta da Pico, 2,351m).

Even if you lack the time or inclination to climb it, take the high road traversing the island, which gives an excellent view of the summit (Atlantic weather systems permitting).

Sao Jorge, lying parallel to Pico, is a stripe of rock with a mighty central spine and perforated shoreline. Yet the interior could almost be Dorset pleasantly cheap jerseys rolling hills arbitrarily divided by hedgerows apart from the odd bubble that signifies a volcanic outburst. The low, flat areas are actually formed from volcanic lava and are known as fajas.

Graciosa has the shape of a teardrop, and an air of serenity. It also has a top grade geological attraction, the Sulphur Cavern. This is a “hole within a hole”. The regulation caldera is, in this case, at the far south east of the island.

Handily, you can drive into the crater and right up to the approach to the cavern. There follows one of the Azores and Europe’s most spectacular descents. A spiral staircase, looking a little like an offcut from a Disneyland castle, clings to the rock, and leads you down into the floor of the cave: perhaps the occasion when you will feel closest to the centre of the earth.

Have you left the best until last?

The 55,000 islanders of Terceira would say so. From the ribbon of white that attaches itself to the pretty shoreline, through the patchwork of fields in a spectrum of greens, to a heartland of coarse pumice, one of the historic hubs of the Azores packs in a great deal. Even though Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel has long since taken the Azores’ lead in population and commerce, Terceira’s largest town Angra do Heroismo remains the heart of the archipelago, spiritually and architecturally. Best of all, the urban explorer can get a fix of the great geological outdoors without straying far from the Unesco Heritage List ambience of Angra do Heroismo; Monte Brasil offers a short walk and great views.

Additional research: Laura Lindsay

The town of Angra do Heroismo was born in special circumstances. In the late 15th century, Portuguese explorers were in the vanguard of mapping the world. The island of Terceira (“third”) was so named because it was discovered after Santa Maria and San Miguel. But thanks to the protection offered by Monte Brasil, it proved to have the best port. Within a few decades, Angra found itself straddling a maritime superhighway, a crucial pit stop for European vessels on their way home. The island began to make a healthy living, and also started to absorb influences from the Americas and even Asia.

Blessed with equal parts of wealth and vision, the settlers created a town for this new age, in as close to a regular grid pattern as the topography would allow.

The attention to detail on Rua da Se is worthy of a Hollywood set designer. The elaborate iron balconies have the delicacy of embroidery. Now and again you encounter an intricate compilation of azuelhos, the blue tiles familiar from the Portuguese mainland.

You can easily spot the ecclesiastical and governmental highlights the cathedral, the churches, the palaces. Yet what gives the scene such texture is the ripple of red roofs that drape themselves over the terrain as it slides down to meet the ocean.

On the island of Sao Miguel, Furnas is a village of thermal springs and lush vegetation, which sits inside a crater. Eating cozido should be a feature of any visit to Furnas. It is traditional and this is a custom still observed by the locals to take food down to the lake and leave it to cook slowly in the thermal waters; someone is there every day to keep an eye on the cooking pots. Typical dishes include cozido do Portugal, consisting of pieces of salt cod, or a meat version with chicken, sausages, yams and carrots; dessert might be a sweet rice pudding. Alternatively, it is possible to request cozido in advance from most of the local restaurants.

The Azores are accessible and rewarding all year round. In winter, temperatures rarely fall below 10C, and snow usually falls only on the upper reaches of Pico, Portugal’s highest mountain. In summer, your transport options will be much wider, and everything will seem a little busier, but none of the islands can ever be described as crowded. The ideal months, climatically and logistically, are May and September. And whale watching is available daily from several of the islands between May and September.

The compact DSLR for beginners

The compact DSLR for beginners

Everyone isn won over by mobile photography. In fact, having tasted it on today top smartphones, many want to move on to more serious photography. Rather than heading straight for an expensive DSLR, there are beginners options that make a good bridge between the casual and professional. Nikon recently launched D3400 is one of these. Intermediate or advanced shooters will have to look elsewhere.

The D3400 is a minor upgrade over the previous D3300, a compact and light DSLR. It has a plastic body, but doesn feel cheap. It has a chunky textured right hand grip, much needed because it that light. For all that, the camera is well built. It very comfortable to hold for long periods and easy to slip into a back pack.

The body is simple with basic controls that are easy to spot and handle. There on screen information and settings explanations at hand as well as a guide mode, which will help beginners.

The D3400 LCD screen is an adequate 3 inches, but it doesn articulate or support touch input.

But the D3400 has something else that outweighs any features and extras. The image quality, which is superb. Sharpness, colour representation, and skin tones were all pleasing. JPEGs as well as RAW images were cheap jerseys surprisingly good for this entry level device. While the camera does not support WiFi, it does have Bluetooth LE and along with the Snapbridge app (available for both iOS and Android) it does make shooting and viewing a breeze or should I say a snap.

The camera kit comes with the new AF P 18 55mm f/3.5 5.6 lens which is a compact light lens with a fast and silent autofocus. The kit is also sometimes sold with the AF P 70 300mm f/4.5 6.3 lens which makes it a very versatile camera for travel and many other situations.