Company finds cheap prescriptions

After registering at the Web site, Medtipster users will be cheap jerseys able to type in their drug name, dosage and ZIP code. The site will then search for generic equivalents to prescriptions, including $4 drug pricing to fill a prescription or alternative medications that have the desired health benefit, Chief Operating Officer Bruce Liebowitz said Friday.

The search includes all of the United States, according to the sponsoring company, 4D Pharmacy Management Systems. It is a pharmacy benefits manager established in 1988.

The site was developed to provide the public with a solution to the rising cost of health care, enabling Web site visitors to find affordable equivalents to their prescriptions in the neighborhood and around the company, spokeswoman Kristen Berry said.

The pharmaceutical information is culled from information provided by chain drugstores, grocery store pharmacies and independent stores around town, across the state and throughout the county, she added.

If a search reveals no generic equivalent, Medtipster can notify the user when it becomes available or it will suggest therapeutic alternatives, she added.

The company estimated that as many as 80 percent of all prescriptions can be redirected to discount programs.

There are about 47 million Americans, including 8.7 million children, who had no medical coverage in 2006, according to the latest available data from the Census Bureau.