With the right qualifications

With the right qualifications, a middle level Chinese manager at a multinational would likely find higher pay and increased responsibility at a local company. For example, an assistant manager in a large corporation might become the general manager of a publicly listed company or the junior partner at a private equity fund, helping growth stage companies run their operations. As Richard Sprague, a Beijing based Microsoft executive, commented, employees know they can go to Baidu [a Chinese technology company] or other companies and get a big chair with a hundred people under them.

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The Aloha Inn is run through Catholic Community Services of King County and mostly funded through federal, county and city levy money, and all of the food comes from donations. Katie says 75% of the people who live and work there move on to permanent housing. And Sue, who hopes to move back into her own place in six months, says she now looks at homeless people in a new light..

Rolling right along, we welcome a plate of kreplach, which comes stuffed with either cheese or meat and then is either pan fried or steamed. The closest resemblance would be Italy’s pansotti delicious isosceles triangles of stuffed dough. Sol Meyer’s are terrific: moist and gooey, with the dense richness of the filling offset by the small sampling of sweet reduced onions underneath.