White zinfandel

White zinfandel. It is the castoff, leftover juice cheap winemakers rinse out of the vat like a bartender mat when they are done making normal wine. With sugar added. Then there are the sentimental thieves, who see their stolen goods as mementos of special occasions. Unlike your neighborhood Target or H restaurants are places where people go to commemorate important milestones. Ron, an attorney who asked that his last name not be used, says he stole a star shaped napkin holder during his honeymoon dinner at L’Etoile in Martha’s Vineyard.

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Today’s airline business is still wholesale nba jerseys recognizable, but some of today’s statistics and trend lines look remarkably different than they did just a few years ago. Airline passenger enplanements for the past five years show the predictable seasonal fluctuations, but there is no longer a pronounced upward curve to the overall trend line. The number of flight departures actually declined somewhat, and load factors hit an all time high: an unheard of 83.4%..

5. Governor Walker will run for re election in 2018. Governor Walker, and Speaker Paul Ryan headlined the state GOP Convention in Wisconsin Dells Saturday. Those photos are just Photoshopped mockups, and there something a little off about the company seeming to build its credibility based primarily on the number of news reports on it. (Who was it that said, lie repeated often enough becomes truth Lenin?) But if indeed Quantum Stealth technology is the real thing, this is a seminal moment in defense history. If not, Hyperstealth Biotech Corp is very dedicated to a very elaborate hoax..

The Environmental Protection Agency issues general permits under the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act for burial of both cremated and non cremated remains in the ocean. If you’re going to scatter ashes at sea, you’ll need this MPRSA permit. The federal Clean Water Act requires that you’re at least three nautical miles from the coast, and you must report the scattering to the EPA within 30 days.