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It was actually signed by, Scotty Pippen and Michael Jordan. I called my dad who had perfect attendance at Lions club for 50 years. He was so overjoyed he donated $500 in my name to the Fort Smith club.. Stark reality we now face is that, other than PROMESA, there are simply no other politically feasible options left on the table, Velzquez said in a statement. I angry that the bill contains labor provisions that are not only obnoxious, but counterintuitive? Yes. Do I believe that the creditors, who lent the island money and bought debt on the cheap, should wait in line behind retirees even though Puerto Rico own constitution says otherwise? Yes, I do.

Metro readers vote for Caravan year after year after year. In fact, we can’t even remember the last time Caravan didn’t win the Best Dive Bar award. Even without a longhaired Native American dude cheap mlb jerseys throwing money in your face and insulting everybody, this hole remains true to its form.

We rebuilt our stack of toilet paper, but the trip to the car didn’t go so well. One of the middle rolls was out of line and the whole stack started to give way. We squeezed tighter to hold it together, but that just sent all the rolls cascading all over the floor of the store.

Consider this mod even before the inevitable exhaust mod, OK? Sure, the front brake lever is adjustable from the factory for many modern sportbikes, but the clutch lever is not. Clutch lever pull can be substantial in some bikes. An adjustable lever can make this clutch pull more comfortable and less fatiguing..

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Miley Cyrus: At this point, even if you don’t watch MTV, you have seen the Miley Cyrus VMA’s performance. Needless to say, she certainly warrants a Halloween costume that mocks how stupid she is. For this costume, all you need is a wife beater (preferably dirty), a pair of leggings, and a pair of whitey tighties.

Val Thomas, public health consultant at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “We work closely with our trading standards officers and are pleased their diligent action has resulted in this illegal tobacco being withdrawn. We know that traders in illicit tobacco target the poorest communities and vulnerable young people with cheap affordable tobacco. It can encourage the uptake of smoking and does not support those who are trying to quit.