There are three different Monorail routes

There are three different Monorail routes, all free and accessible from the Ticket and Transportation Center. The Resort route stops at the three Magic Kingdom resorts, Disney’s Polynesian Village, Grand Floridian, and straight through the center of the Contemporary; while the Express route travels between the Ticket and Transportation Center and Magic Kingdom (without stopping at the hotels). The Epcot monorail route makes a graceful arc inside the Epcot theme park, passing its Spaceship Earth icon, and offers fabulous views of the riotous flowerbeds below..

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Train companies increasingly use ‘airline style’ flexible pricing charging more at peak time and less at off peak to persuade passengers to travel at less busy times. Miss Perry said later: ‘I know that many families are concerned about the cost of rail travel, which is why we are putting an end to above inflation fare increases. This will make a real difference to household budgets, saving season ticket holders around 425 each over the next five years.’.

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